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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mini Report from NOLA convention center

All the parts of New Orleans that most of us have seen before look the same as ever. The French Quarter is, arguably, even bawdier than before. Virtually all of the good restaurants have reopened and the T-shirt shops are full of vicious Anti-FEMA T-shirts (can anyone think of another word that begins with the letter "F" and goes well with FEMA...). So far Bev and I haven't seen any new earth-shattering technology at the conference but there are still two more days to go, so who knows. Attendance at ALA is good but not spectacular, but as far as New Orleans is concerned, that is good enough to declare it a success and, it is hoped, prove to subsequent large conventions that they can successfully visit NOLA. By the way, ALL of the RFID vendors are begging for the chance to go to Windsor to talk with us.

Doug McDonough p.s. Mary Chapin Carpenter said at her concert that we are to tease all of our cohorts who were worried about attending due to mold that New Orleans is as great as ever.

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